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It would be nice to be able to move diagonally.

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Very ambitions indeed...

Perhaps not practical, but very impressive for something created entirely in Flash. I'd love to see another version, especially one with layers.

llamamessanger responds:

Interesting idea... may be easier than the draw above/draw below I've heard suggested before.

Great physics!

I found the ball physics to be phenomenal. Fun game on the whole; I look forward to your next installment.

-I expected the music button to be a toggle, but it only seems to be able turn the music off and not back on.
-The correct spelling is "alter"
-In the first level with altered gravity fields, the music button kind of gets in the way
-The replay button did not work

On the whole, great work! I had fun playing this.

HowardWimshurst responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback on how to improve. Greatly appreciated!


This is one of the most original things I have ever seen on NewGrounds. Amazing job!

Best word game ever

Absolutely incredible job with this game. The best word game I've ever played, hands down. Nice easter egg when you spell "cow," by the way. Your wife must be ecstatic.


The graphics and sounds are nice, and it's a fun game, but that fact that you have to aim, move, and shoot with the mouse makes it quite difficult. Nearly all the lives I lost were because I was trying to aim at something and ended up moving into it.

sabatino responds:

The controls make the game fun imo, because i tried making the ship move with the keys, but then the whole gameplay gets lost, imo ;)

Well inspired

I really like this game, mainly due to the random level generation.

I have a few beefs, particularly with the jumping, which is way too floaty, if you get my drift (pun honestly not intended.). "Infinitely" is the correct spelling. I also think Infinite Chamber should have infinite lives, or some way to sacrifice score for lives, or difficulty starts, or passwords. The music also loops uncleanly.

I enjoy the GLaDOS-style machine. The wind was inspired from Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, right? And the special lights from Blackout Basement in Donkey Kong Country? (Although it would be way more manageable if the player was still visible during the blackout.)

Anyway, awesome game, and I look forward to the sequel.

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The layout makes the control scheme confusing. If you had a DDR-style setup, it might me more manageable. As it stands, this is not confusing to the point of being fun. Some music would also be much appreciated.

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Don't break the continuity

You have some interesting brain teasers that I haven't seen before, but the arrangement in your quiz is a big problem. The quiz should not end when you get something wrong. You should just have a tally at the end, maybe with a time penalty for incorrect answers. As it is now, it's just a matter of remembering the answers and clicking them as quickly as you can. Within half an hour of this game's release, people have already been raping the scores, getting times under 10 seconds. Has this helped you develop your understanding of the leaderboard?

And for the number of sides in a circle question is too ambiguous, as 3 of the answers you've placed are acceptable.

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allfunnystuff responds:

That's a great idea, thanks for the tips.

Kinda boring

I thought this was an interesting concept on the whole, and a unique idea indeed. I did think it got a bit tedious though to read all the spell descriptions, especially since they didn't serve a purpose (although the animations were kind of funny). On the last page of each chapter, the Guardian Deity's picture tends to overlap the text. Watch out for this, as it decreases legibility.

I was expecting an actual test (questionnaire) subsequent to reading the book, and I was somewhat disappointed to see that there was not one. The fight is cool at first, until you realize that the enemy does not fight back. This part should be a standalone Flash game.

I thought this was neat, and very nicely done for your first-ever online Flash, but it is really just turning pages in a book, which does turn off people with short attention spans, i.e. most of the people who will probably view this.

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AMOE responds:

well... the enemy you have to fight can still act, it's just so powerful that it would annihilate you in one hit. He has 2 moves in fact.

1 is using an item, which you've most likely seen.
the other? yes, he attacks. However, he only does if you use a certain spell too much.

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