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Awesome writing and animation

You got some good one-liners in this one. "Hepatitis &." Nice.

Very funny

Beautiful set-up, great overall comedic value. The animation was well suited. Awesome job on the whole.

...It was probably better in your head

The main reason I didn't find this funny is because it uses too many small jokes that are disconnected from the main "plot." Many of these are more ridiculous than funny.

I did, however, enjoy the fine print at the end. In all honesty, that made this Flash for me.

TylerLandis responds:

I understand what you mean. More of a Family Guy thing than a South Park thing. Not enough plot, just disconnected jokes.

Thanks for the review! I was wondering how many people would actually read the fine print.

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It would be nice to be able to move diagonally.

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Very ambitions indeed...

Perhaps not practical, but very impressive for something created entirely in Flash. I'd love to see another version, especially one with layers.

llamamessanger responds:

Interesting idea... may be easier than the draw above/draw below I've heard suggested before.

Great physics!

I found the ball physics to be phenomenal. Fun game on the whole; I look forward to your next installment.

-I expected the music button to be a toggle, but it only seems to be able turn the music off and not back on.
-The correct spelling is "alter"
-In the first level with altered gravity fields, the music button kind of gets in the way
-The replay button did not work

On the whole, great work! I had fun playing this.

HowardWimshurst responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback on how to improve. Greatly appreciated!

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Still epic

I agree with the reviewer below me, but that sound hasn't done away with any of the epicness of the song. Well done!

Mattster responds:

Thank you! :D

It is a good name

This is an absolutely amazing song! You've done an incredible job with this, and the effort you've put in really shines through.

For the record, your title "The Ruins of the World" is what attracted to me to listen to your song, and I'm glad it did!

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OPQC responds:

good thing the name was enough interesting to listen my song :D

i really worked hard on this song, so thanks you listened it! ^^

Good comment

I voted!!!

I'm just a dude who enjoys writing. So far, I've written a play, a long short story, and even a musical to which I composed and played the music. I've also written a screenplay for a school project, which has been produced by us.

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