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Looking for Music

2008-01-01 12:07:17 by brownspider


For an economics project for school, 2 friends and I have made a film company called Pectoral Productions. We're making a parodical crime drama entitled The Andy MacLean Challenge, to which I wrote the screenplay. Most of this has been shot already, and the editing has already begun. We're currently looking for music so if there's anyone out there's who's made some great music and would like to let us use some of it as our soundtrack (you'll be credited of course) let me know.

Happy new year everybody!

(company logo made by Christian)

Looking for Music


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2008-07-26 20:00:25

Hey, if you still need any music composed for anything and you're not findin' much help, just let me know. I'd love to help in any way I can. I miss composing pieces for films. I love a challenge and if there's any types or specifics of music you'd need I'd be up for it. Also, that ForFun808 guy seems to be a worthless shmuck, just throwin' that out there. XD

~Dylan ^_^

(Updated ) brownspider responds:

Hey Dylan, thanks for the offer. This post was made on New Year's Day 2008, back when I was making a parodical crime drama with some friends called "The Andy MacLean Challenge." Unfortunately, music hunting stopped a couple of weeks into January, after getting such a positive response from artists such as Bosa, MaestroRage, MilkMan-Dan (I'm actually listening to "Sand Castles" as I write this), and others. There were many delays, but the soundtrack was actually placed into the film in April, and the movie was released by the end of May. It's a shame I hadn't come across your work around then, because I surely would have asked permission to use it, and it would have made a great addition to the film's soundtrack.

Anyway, I'm a writer, much, MUCH more than a musician (I don't know if you've listened to my submissions, but they're pretty bad). I'm actually writing screenplays for music videos this summer. I don't know, maybe you have some songs you could point me to? Or maybe I could write a script, pass it to you, and you could write a song around it? I dunno, I'm just throwing ideas around.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my page and dropping a comment. I'm listening to some of your songs now (Sail Away We, The Industrial Revolt), and I've just favourited you as an artist. I'll listen to some more of your work, and leave reviews. I know you respond to them.

Keep up the great work, and hope to hear from you later,


2009-01-09 13:27:34

the pectoral productions logo is nice ;) but I think a white background doesn"t looks that pro, try maybe another background or something :)

see ya